Elvis Presley returned to the American music scene in 1960
after an enlistment with the United States Army.  Shortly after
returning home, Elvis returned to the studio in April 1960 to
record new music which included "It's Now or Never" on April 3,
1960 and "Are You Lonesome Tonight" on April 4, 1960.  Six
days later Elvis celebrated his father's birthday, April 10, 1960.  
Who knew, at the same time a couple of hundred miles away,
another celebration was taking place.

Born on Vernon Presley's birthday, Butch Dicus grew up to the
sound of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and many
other country music legends of the time.  Butch's first
experience to listening to Elvis was from a 45 rpm record of
"Poor Boy" he found on a record player in his grandmother's
spare bedroom.  Though Butch watched many of the Elvis
movies that played at local theaters or drive-ins his parents took
him too, Elvis never touched Butch's life until 1973.  After
seeing a boy at his local elementary school perform a lip-sync
version of "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones, Butch started doing
the same act in the late 60's for family and friends.  It wasn't
until the now famous "Aloha From Hawaii" did Butch take notice
of Elvis' performance.   Since then, Butch has continued to
perfect his craft of impersonating the "the Greatest Entertainer"
of all times.

Many individuals in the business consider themselves "Elvis
Tribute Artists", other call themselves "Elvis Stylists"  or
whatever due to the pressure of having to sound or even look
like Elvis but Butch considers his act as an "Elvis
Impersonator".  Butch's performances are "audience-centered",
bringing the audience into the show.  Some of Butch's
audiences never had the chance to experience the excitement
and charisma of the "original" King of Music and during many of
Butch's record-breaking appearances audience learn who Elvis

Though Butch prefers to perform the "Concert Years" Elvis to
include jumpsuits and scarves, Butch has also performed the
famous "68 Comeback" in black leather, the "GI Blues/Blue
Hawaii" movie songs, the "Early Years" songs and of course,
the "Gospel Elvis" some grew up with.  As Butch has said many
times during his shows, "Elvis is Universal" and there is a
season throughout the year for "Elvis".

Butch has already accomplished in 30 years what current tribute
artists or impersonators are trying to accomplish now.  Butch
has performed for casinos to include 17 in Oklahoma and
Mississippi, sporting arenas to include the Arkansas
Twister/Rimrocker games, corporate events to include Wal-Mart,
charity functions to include the Midsouth United Way of
Memphis, "Getting Down on Downs Syndrome" and Relay for
Life Cancer walks.  Butch also performed for the cast and crew
of the Oscar Award winning "Walk The Line" when the movie
was being filmed in Memphis.  Butch has also participated in
impersonator contests to include becoming a finalist in Memphis
in 2004 and the winner of the Elvis Extravaganza Contest.  To
top off Butch's outstanding accomplishments in the business,
Butch was asked to perform on December 6, 2008 for a class
reunion for a little high school over in Memphis; Humes High
School - the high school Elvis graduated from.  Butch returned
to Memphis on September 19, 2009 and performed again for
Humes High which included many of Elvis' fellow classmates.
(See video on left side).

Butch always stresses to audiences around the world that
"there was only one Elvis Presley" but it is always great to
rekindle an old familiar feeling a certain song brings back to
mind.  To remember where you were when you first heard an
Elvis song; at a malt shop, a sock hop, a drive-in, a first love, a
first born or even the final rest, there is always an Elvis song
that brings back a memory and in today's economic strain,
memories are still "free".

When asked how long he will continue to perform his "Butch
Dicus - The King of Hearts" show, Butch only says "When the
memory of Elvis fades from the last mind on this earth and
luckily for me and others, that will never happen."