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"Stranger in Her
Songwriting is a reflection into the writer's mind and heart.  Many can feel
the pain or joy of a song but it is the songwriter who put those feelings
into words and allow the world to feel it as they have.

Since 1985, Butch Dicus has always dreamed of writing his own songs
from the heart.  On January 01, 2015 Butch did just that with his first
release "Without Good Bye".  Since then, Butch has continued to build
his own library and today, he is releasing his new material to the public.

"Without Good Bye" was written for those who never had the change to
say "good bye" to a loved one.  Unlike Garth Brooks' "If Tomorrow
Never Comes", "Without Good Bye" is sort of what happens if you don't
get the chance to say good bye.

"Give Back My Country" is a tongue and cheek type of song about the
type of country music that is being played today versus what many grew
up with.

"Little Boy Sad" was originally recorded by Johnny Burnette and Butch
heard this song on the radio and knew he had to rerecord this song.  
Johnny Burnette was an "Elvis to be" but only released a small amount of
music in his library.

"Be Yourself" basically explains that many times we go through Life
wishing we were something else though if we only accepted who we are,
Life would be great.

"Love Will Always Find You" is a Life lesson concerning trying to force
"love" into your Life instead of letting Love find you.  Many roam the
Earth looking for that one true Love and many times it never happens.

"Christmas At Graceland" was written after a brief visit to Elvis' home
after a show in Memphis during the holiday season and even though all
the lights, decorations and trees were so pretty around the house,
unfortunately the one who enjoyed it the most was no longer there.

"Stranger In Her Mind" is probably the most personal song Butch has
written over the last three years.  Butch has experienced the fate of
Alzheimer's through relatives and residents in nursing homes and believes
those who don't really understand it should take time to learn how it
affects, not only the victim, but also the caregiver (wife, husband, child,
1.  Stranger In Her Mind
2.  Give Back My Country
3.  Love Will Always Find You
4.  Christmas At Graceland
5.  Without Good Bye
6.  Be Yourself
7.  Little Boy Sad
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