Additional Guest Book Comments
Lisa -
Honey, I'd support you to the ends of the earth.  Tell 'em all to go to hell...and you know who I mean.

Kiril -
Butch, you are not only a fellow artist but also dear friend of mine.  Best wishes!

Rose-marie-Collinwood Elvis Festival -
We are pleased to have added you to our ETA Database.  Nice website.  Contact us anytime.  Rosemarie

Christie - MidSouth Roller -
Thank you very much for the wonderful entertainment on December 15th, 2001.  We all enjoyed the show.  I have heard many compliments and great reviews.  You did a great show! I would definitely recommend you to anyone!!!

Lou Ann -
Butch, it was great seeing you again.  Keep up the good work.

Sheila Clark - or
Thanks for your time.  See you tomorrow.

Freddy B -
Great web site Butch, let me tell you that you are on my top ten list of most respected fellow Tribute Artists...Keep up the great work....Freddy B.

Virginia -
Hey Butch.  You do a good job.  I will watching you perform thursday night.

Sheila Clark -

Leeanna -
Dad, this is me Leeanna!  I just got done showing my teacher your web site she was so amazed!  She thought you were great! Well I am at school...Love you lots.

Gary - http://home.eznet/~bigtoast/Garyelvis.htm
Butch, great site, buddy.  Keep up the great work on the site and keeping Elvis' memory alive.

Dad, that is really AWESOME!!!! I showed Jordan and she said great site.  Love you lots

Amber -
You really are THE MAN!!!!

Leah -
I am so glad for a person like Butch Dicus.  Thanks to him, I can get a minute feel of what life may have been like when the King was around.  You see, I am a devout Elvis worshiper.  The thing is, I wasn't born yet, when he died.

Katiuska hanohano -
Is a pleasure to finally your wonderful creative and Soulful website.  You are a true example of what Elvis would like for us as singers is always a treasure and hone realized that along the way we can find friends like you.  Thank you for your kind.

Harvey McFadden -
Great Website!  Thanks for your hard work preparing for the Branson contest.  It's great being a fellow ETA to such a fine person as you.

Darrold Moody - DMOODY5706@AOL.Com
You are a great performer keep up the good work.  Maybe we will see you in
Texas.  God Bless.

Orin Loos -
This young man so far sounds and looks great.  I can't wait to meet him and hear
him perform.  In speaking with him, he has a wonderful honest outlook on ETAs.
He himself speaks from experience.

Steve -
Enjoyed your show in Searcy 4-16-02 I was outside smoking when you left.

Leeanna -
Hey Dad I am at school.  I have to hurry the bell is about to ring.  I just wanted
to tell you Happy Birthday.  I hope it is wonderful.  I am at school I have to get
your web stie and show people.  I love you.  Leeanna

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